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create Slackware packages from source


Recent versions of Perl have changed the behavior of a particular module (File::Spec::Unix version 1.5), such that packages created by autopkg are no longer proper Slackware packages. Indeed, it is not possible to create them properly, and won't be until a workaround is found.

Therefore, DO NOT USE this program.


autopkg helps to automate Slackware package creation. Once an autopkg rules file has been created for a program, the rules may be used to easily create a package from the program's source. They are also likely to be useful for the program's next version. One could therefore stay on the bleeding edge with certain favorite applications, but retain the advantages of the Slackware package system.

Since rules files are perl, they can accomplish nearly anything, such as patching source.

autopkg acts as a wrapper around the functions defined in rules files, extracting source to a temporary directory, setting default permissions and ownerships, handling errors, and supplying handy functions.

See also: manpage, source code

Sample rules: bluefish, code2html, galeon, mutt, rdate.

* These sample rules are more complex than most, except for bluefish.

Vital information

Version: 0.8.9, March 26, 2005 - changelog
License: GPL
Requirements: Perl, Archive::Tar
Language: perl
Download: Sourceforge